Monday, March 21, 2011

SoldOutBmx Diggin' At Josh's Trails

Soldout crew has been busy digging away at the new line at Josh's trails and they are slowly getting there! Going to be a fun set with heaps of boost! Here is a few photo's (off my iphone) of the line & getting the second lip all done. Shit's looking good!

New line off to the left

Other lines

New lip on the right on the hip

Hurry up with the photo, got to cover this bitch up!

2nd of the new line lip getting clayed up

Brendan on the slap

Amiel getting is paws dirty


Finished! Looks fuckin' dope

nice lines

Perfect edges

Can't wait to boost that!

The French Connection shovel. The Compression crew that here riding with us a few months ago are so down with these shovels they even sent a few heads from France to Amiel. Also if you haven't already seen it check there video, they are putting it up online

1st landing

Brendan on the pick


Simmin ticking all the boxes here, King Brown, Soldout Ride trails Shirt, At The Trails


Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Weekend At Josh's Trails

Here is a shit load of photo's I took on my phone when I was well on my way to getting pissed at a weekend of chilling,drinking,riding,digging,BBQ's & smoking weed at Josh's trails. I will put up the digging photo's tomorrow or something.


One Of the better pictures on the trails table

Travy cooling off after a trails hit

King Brown VB's

The Doc would have been super proud of this bbq!!




Big Bail!

One of the German dudes that is over


Another German dude

Boostin' sorry bro I forgot your name

Seb i think







German dude


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday with an Alcoholic, Stoned, Mentally Impaired, Sadistic, BMX rider

Yesterday my knee's and back where playing up like a rock spider working at a kindergarton school from going out filming street riding (no transition of the dirt or concrete kind) with Money Micca filming his pro town Mankind edit or whatever the fuck it is (your riding aitken mate, his one of the best around stick with it. 1 outta 10), Chuck is away in mt Beauty racing his cortina on some dirt circut or what ever it is he does (5 outta 10), Techie is away in Melbourne probably being popular and nice to everyone he meets (9 outta 10 just cause your a good cunt)and Storm is of on some kinda hidden agenda with the EX MISSUS (0 outta 10 for that move). So this has left Myself, Stu, Oscar (injured) and Lucy (oscars missus amazingly she is female and not total cunt of being 9 outta 10 since that rare as fuck) So me and Stu drank piss, Oscar supplied weed (can't drink cause his busted) got high talked shit. I was my usual drunk stoned cunt of a self that I am dialled my bike so it's better than every other pathetic cunts, drank a heap of piss, smoked some weed, chain smoked cig's, swore like all fuck, acted like a racist cunt, fucked with some heads via sms so for my efforts I'm gonna award myself 10 outta 10 cause I'm always right
Worked on dying a little more

Drank some of my favourite types of piss. (Jamo makes me more of a right cunt so I love it)

Upgraded my front wheel to a profile... Downgraded Darcy's (5 outta 10.... woulda been 10 but i reckon darcy is gonna rate it as zero, might be a deadshit cunt but i did pass grade 2 maths)

Gave the missus a full make over and face lift.

Now I'm gonna go mow some lawns and lookback at the drunken weekend before i have to go to school on a fucking public holiday...