Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mt Beauty Trip

Over Easter Myself and Chuck headed up to the Mt Beauty area, so Chuck could race his ratty speedway car (came last in most races), I could smoke Weed, drink VB's and eat cans of Baked Beans whilst camping by a river. So the story goes we fucked around a heap I wasted the camera battery and got sweet fuck all photo's. But we did see some dudes in a broken down barina so we pulled over to give em hand, they paid us in weed (moral of the story is no good deed goes unrewarded). We also got to ride some trails in the area, down hill fast and slippery due to rain the week before, my first ride of trails in 6 months there, So a big thanks to Leigh for letting us shred his trails. We also rode a heap of skateparks on the travels home and talked a cunt load of shit.

Trails are just getting running here in B'town so maybe pics soon if I can be fucked.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

POW Trails Edit.

I said it before & I have said it again, I don't usually post video's from other sites but this trails edit ticks all the boxes! Good big trails,Judas Priest,360's & 1 footers. Seen it on prettyshady & since I just added a POW BMX link on the side here is a fuckin' kick ass video from them.

Solid Bikes/POWs BMX Trails Edit from Marcus O'Brien | POWSBMX.COM on Vimeo.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jo$h's Update!

This update comes thanks to Amiel! Keepin' shit on the low low & PM messages on facebook, But Fuck Yeah! the new line SoldoutBmx! has been working on at Josh's Trails has been in the making for a while ( if you cunt's remember I posted a whole heap of photo's of the new time a few weeks ago) & it looks like the locals have sorted that shit out! White as a motherfucker but hey, thats the best dirt & as far as I recall.Some have even said "the best dirt they have worked with' So dudes who call that shit know how to build trails, & when it comes down to it SoldoutBmx! crew knows the go on that shit, So thankyou Amiel on these dope pictures of the new line.!! Also fresh off the facebook chat from Ameil ( The other line is shut down... Til we get it to SoldoutBmx! standard'') So more work is getting done, but ..... Better fuckin' trails!!
HammerTime Does Not Fuck Around, New Nails... That Cunt Hammer's them.. with a flat edge!

Had another photo to put up but facebook is fucked so thats all you get... enjoy this video of Cimo trying barspins on a bed in a hotel room on the Motorhead roadtrip!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Motörhead In Melbourne!

Some of the SoldoutBmx! crew & the WestOzbmx crew all thought it would it would be a real fucking good idea to go to Melbourne & drink piss for 3 days & go see Motörhead. BMX was the last thing on any of our minds. Here is how my iPhone remembers it....

Jumped on the jetstar flight after a few quick Jack & Cokes & a few of us havin' a few joints

This dude was real popular... because he had the VB's & we wanted them

You can see in this photo I think Glen is getting another drink

The JetStar girls were cool & they let us all sit at the back of the plane because planes are like buses, & sitting at the back is cool, also the piss is kept there

Got to Melbourne & the iPhones came out to find shit out like where to stay

On the way to a random hotel that would let all us dirty metal heads in we past the best alley way where we spent a lot of time on the last trip! 331. We went back there and smoked a joint for old times.

Our hotel room, Just walked in, put bags down and we were hitting the streets!

The buttons for the lift were fuckin' massive! Good for drunk cunt's like us

Went to Lexi's Party & for a present we got him... 1 very large cucumber & a tube of lube.

The $5 bets started with Boots licking a dirty ass wall for like 50meters.

Lexi's Party. Don't remember to much of that, I do remember 2 dumb sluts followed us there & then 1 of them just spewed all over the toilet & her friend had to drag her onto the street, & all she said was ' I just wanted to dance & fuck that tall dude' Meaning Boots but I told them his name was Destry a famous bike shop owner in WA. Also Some old bird who would let you touch her tit's one minute, then not let you the next.

We found a dirty crack head's needle so we all pissed on it.

Some of the crew went some were else fuck knows where, we surfed rubbish bins down the road & trashed anything we saw. We also went to The Anchor shop... at like 3 am.

Some how we all ended up at Pony Club. & I scored these 3 weed balls out the front just before we were heading back to the hotel.

Alleys in Melbourne are all like this, smell of piss & are great for drinking & smoking weed in

Found this Alley, cant remember if we smoked a joint in it or not, anyway it was all for the Trails Boss

Some how me & Hammertime got back 1st & had this great idea to sit naked with the Kieth Richards book in front of his dick for a 'surprise' when everyone else got back.

This sparked the idea for most people to get naked. There was some wrestling & some dancing

Sexxxi Lexxxi was also keen to play the naked game

My shoes got fucked by Mikey...

While the naked action was going down Cimo found him self a good old bum style bed.

I had a night cap with a shitty rolled joint at like 6 in the morning hanging out of the hotel window

We found another hotel that would let us stay there and it was the big day! Motorhead were playing tonight, so we watched the Lemmy doco about 10 times & because all Lemmy drinks is Jack's we got our self a few bottles to get started!
Added a new recruit Ryan, and we didn't fuck around, the Jacks & Coke were on!

The $5 bet's were back on, this time it was to do a barspin on Lindsay's bike who had just rocked up. Gray thought about it.

Lindsay said fuck it & got it done. We then rolled a whole heap of massive joints

Cimo stepped it up & did a few on the bed.

No 50 cents around this joint. Its all Motorhead!!!!!!!!

I didn't take any photo's at Motorhead, I think my phone was flat or something, but it was so fuckin' good! After the gig we ended up at this joint... people spent money on drinks & girls. Also some dude must have been having his bucks night or some shit & he was handcuffed to the stripper pole & after the dance was finished & was time to get him out... they lost the key!! he was stuck up there for like 30 mins, naked strippers on there hands & knee's looking for it with torches and shit. Funny as fuck.

The next day we just walked around the city like zombies, Cimo spotted this dope stencil on some dudes car.

Also found this the 'big' leaf necklace

The piss was flowing again on the last night & Lindsay said it was real hard to climb though this thing out the front of the Crown Casino, He did it & said something like ' Look A Useless cunt like me can do it '

On the way to the strippers again, we seen a very welcoming site. A scooter in a bin. Lindsay gives his full endorsement of this

This is were most of us stayed until our flight in the early hours of the morning. Good place I must say. Our plane was delayed like 4 hours or some shit, so we all just slept on the floor of the airport. All in all it was a fucking great time with a fucking good crew. Cheers WestOz & SoldoutBmx Crew was there. If you want some decent photo's & pictures of Motorhead get your ass over to WestOzBmx to check the shit I missed!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shit...Is This The SoldoutBmx! Site!? Yeah Man, Just New Colours & Shit

What's up cunts. Yeah that's right, changed the look of the site. It was a time for a change, I hate shit being the same all the time unless it is OG Little devil shit. Just so you know, the top logo is going to be the new stickers I am about to send off & get a shit load of them printed.( I know I said it was going to be some sort of stoner crazy text, but you know.. I love the 80's so... ) I doubt anyone is going to read this because it is a Saturday night & everyone has better things to do like drink piss & smoke weed some where so the Melbourne Motörhead pictures up in the next hour or so. & yes I am piss drunk at work.
Yeah thats right, Half a OZ nugget! So when Easy-T says he is 'chillin' with a fat nugget' he ain't talkin' smack!