Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seb Trails Edit

Here is an edit that Seb made of a few sessions down the Hidden valley Taven aka Josh's Trails. In his own words 'im shit house with computers, but this is some footage from a couple of sessions' Enjoy! & Thank's Seb ( even though I stole it off your Facebook)
Untitled from Seb Scott on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Posts For A While...

There sure hasn't been! head over to WestOz for some trails action. Also check this vid that Jamie made that has some mad stunts in it & Josh's trails.

PERTH! where the bloody hell are ya? from jamie mauri on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weed Shirt Shoot XXX-tra's!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day At The Trails Day 2 Part 3, The Last Of 'Em !

Here is the last of the photo's from that fuckin' sweet ass arvo down at the SV set. Heaps of stunts. Am I working on some new shit ? could be could be!

Beechy don't give a fuck about nuffin'

Brendan with a classic

Seb with a extended t-bog

Beechy superman

Seb 3

Travy with a 3 tweak, dont know if this was before or after the xup 1 footer turn superman super high bail he did

Seb with a groundchuck

Whammo Jammo no foot can

Seb steezz

Beechy 360 flat

Brendan with a t-bog flat

Gav has 4 gold pegs & dont fuck around

He did bail a few times

Last photo Brendan whips into evening

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day At The Trails Day 2 Part 2 !!

More trails action from that kick ass afternoon down the SV set. There is still more photo's from that day & I shall be posting them soon!


Travy keep's a real good eye on the landing

Kornholeio dropped in. Also that is the bike in question that got stolen from Jark as posted on soldoutbmx's facebook page, so if any cunt has seen it let us know.

Brendan T-Bog

Beechy with some wild 360 can can's

Beechy turndown

Brendan with a 360 lookback

Seb flying V

Jammo 3

Brendan 3

Seb turns it up with a 3 flat

Dil aka Cockstain Mathews aka cockdragon with a jack's scull mid air ! Radical !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day At The Trails Day 2 Part 1 !!

Here is a random selection of photo's from a dope day of trails riding with a mad crew from WestOz & SoldoutBmx. The session was going down and so where the beers. This is only some of the photo's from that day, & there is more to come ! Party picture0 from the last post are the night after this session !

Gray !

Beechy's livin' on a prayer

Jammo throwing down some turndown 3's

Travy with a fuckin bang turn down !

Jark was back on it with his fresh new costom Solid Bikes frame

Beechy has some of the best looking 3's

Jammo also 3's

Brendan with a groundchuck

Gav's got 4 gold pegs and some sweet 1 hand flattys

Seb invert / 1 foot / nac nac thing while Dempsy get's wild on the pick

Seb locking on down

Beechy doing his best Mulville from Anthem II

Jammo barspin to 1 hand or maybe 1 hand x-up, cant remember

Dempsy jumped on Trav's bike and busted this whip

Piss drinking, trails maintenance and shit talking !

Monday, October 10, 2011

After Riding Piss Drinking!

Few photo's from a piss drinking,weed smoking session after a arvo of stunts at the trails.

Always the drink of choice

Rigs ready to roll out

Hammertime's custom belt buckle & 2 very import items

Glen's ankle after a 360 ( I think) gone bad, and a night of naked dancing

House Band

Dempsy burnt his face off trying to light the fire drum, but some cold export soon sorted that out

Jed,Travy chillin, Gav bong rippin' & Brendan on the endless chop


Drinking & Riding Crue. Jammo,Beechy, Hammertime,Brendan & Mikeys hair

DJ Beechy was on that night with some classic's