Saturday, May 29, 2010

Branching Swampt Donkey

Gday gady,u better be holden a beer while reading my 1st shit az blog,yep its ur 1 and only,TRAVY BOI,got me shit together and got a comp to help update old soldout big girls,for the last couple weeks there has been a bit of rain to be able to get sum shit happenen,bin digen at train tracks a bit and started geting berm finisht

Last lip baking in the sun and a pile of dirt soon to be landing

Last lip,need to build landing up a heap more

gota dig inside of berm more and pile up bit more,old set up jump is little bit longer and skinnier landing

also quick sneek at a start of a new spot

1st landing geting a bit of a root


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Very Sorry

Very Sorry for the lack of anything bmx,party,wild anything!! On here, Haven't been home to ride or see any of the crew for over a month now apart from a few cross over days with flights to dig some new trails at a new spot (look out for some shit from there soonish) and drink some beers and blaze some cronic, Might have some shit from my iphone to put up.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trip With No Riding

We went on a little soldoutbmx! roadtrip but fishing/camping/drinking piss/smoking weed was on the cards then BMX... We rode for a total of maybe 1hr and a half at 2 different skateparks, didn't take any photo's or film any stunts.We then just went Salmon hunting and piss drinking,joint smoking,bbq marathon.Somthing around 5 blocks and 4 bottles were drunk.Here is some photo's from the adventure!
Loaded up & laughing at some dick at the servo talking shit
The Megaphone was easy the best thing on the trip.

That's where we went

Deep on the road to some secret trails?? Nah just looking for the beach

Amiel sussed out the landscape to make sure this was the place

After a quick talk and a few export we got back on the road

But we quickly got stuck, while Simmin got stuck into his beer

Amiels Fishing Adventures

No luck with the fish but we did catch and drink about 120 exports

Looks a bit out of place

The other group of fisherman didn't know soldout mob was going to make there day & night pretty annoying

This was in the middle of Simmin's 'supa-mega extended version of the siren re-mix'

We rolled the tyre off the rim, but it made picking a spot for the night easy.

Fished off the rocks the next day, Amiel went and found some joints to smoke

This guy was there

Joint count...50

Roll joint,drink your beer,smoke joint, cook a feed and repeat, this is round 3 of the feed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Have Fuck All Photo's Of BMX So Here Is More Random Iphone Shit

Sorry for the lack of updates on here,Been stuck at work for longer then usual this time, But we have mostly been filming so that is good, web edit and shit to come, I thought I better throw some shit up so here is some more random photo's of my phone.Enjoy.

Odyssey Pedals make good bottle openers.
The Reward of the bottle opener

Freshly Painted Rig

Some Soldoutbmx! Pub graffiti

Some Chick In The Bar Put That up

The Creepers Getting Wild at a show & the lyrics in the song say 'Cimo's here so let's get drunk'

Soldoutbmx Mob unna

Shit Number Plate

Old School Toker Freestyler

Same Same But...The Same!!

Good Selection

A Sign I seen at work in the NT..No Piss & No Porn.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lack Of Updates.

There is a lack of updates on here & I am sorry, I will have to go through my camera & phone for some sort of photo's to put up but will have to see.Been filming quite a bit with the big money HD camera so an edit could be coming soon.