Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Of Them.

Here is the last of the photo's I have. A chilled afternoon session down the trails.More photo's as soon as I take them! Been working on 'dope-fiend' a soldoutbmx! web edit. So should be finished that real soon.

Rollin' up
Rollin' In

Ty bustin' out a look back on the old horse

Jed whippin'

When Easy has the camera he always shoot's his rig

'The only tire you need' - Easy-T

Cody was finally able to get some recent shots on here! & he has got turndowns!
Jed sideways

Cody can can

Todd with an aerial shot
Jed was sick of Simmin eating all the pancakes, so he did one.

Friday, March 26, 2010

When The Gate Is Locked.

Sometimes our trails are under lock and key, So we have to venture out and bust ass on the street & park and get it done.Not all bad.Travy hooked up Jammo's old but still new HD video camera...So might be able to put something together, although I have been saying that for a while.
Glen wanted to a-SALT his trick sticks.
& fired this shit off.

Ty with a no footer can transfer

Jed turndown off the bank to flat

Ty clicked down on the T line

Jed can't pop caps but can pop to flat

Cody liked Ty's line so much he did the same.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Is When We Busted That Shit.

Here are the photo's following on from the last post's picture 'now bust that shit' beacuse the trails have been pumping latley, BBQ's daily,digging,smoking,poker,photo's,filming & riding. Whether it is a chilled session with a few or a chilled session with a big crew, The trails have been popular,which to everyone is fucking gold! These photo's are from a few weeks ago but never the less fucking good. Still more shit to put up.

This photo is first, Brendan popped her off as soon as we finished digging. Spin in the twilight.

Easy as, Bike,Trails,Export.

The running bird was out

Flame grilled the lips

Thanks Ty!

Brendan xup 3's

The Boss with a easy 3 flat

Glen was reppin' & rippin' the 3's

Seb came down for a spin,didn't have any money for a soldout shirt but he did for a bag of weed.Got to get your priority's right.

Simmin when down


The dog's love Simmin. Human & animal versions

Ty with a snap! lookback

Seb likes his pancakes with a little 3 on top
Brendan one way..

And the other

Travy getting the lookbacks

Trav with a 'hooley dooley'

Glen spinning around

Trav with a boooostt

Simmin tryed so many times to get the spin down...

Victory was his in the end!

High 5's all round

Eject button was hit

Simmin mid Ariel stunt

Easy with a down whip,just couldn't get it done

Seb with a spin

Trav whipping out

After trails it's all beer's and bongs..

Easy's mate was there

Or maybe a rocket or joint is what your after

Rip it & roll it!