Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burn Those Shit Grips!!

We where waiting for our ride so we could go out and ride some bikes & get drunk, so we played with a bit of fire. Simmin got him self a copy of that Primo 'Nice Try' dvd with the free grips. And we all agreed that they where the shittest grips we have ever seen, so we thought while we were burning shit with fuel & fire we would burn them. Also made a new top logo. I am digging it, real nice 80's feel to it.

Cody Cambell the stunt man got extreme after a swig of vodka!

I had a burger

Make sure it is soaked real good.

We made a little fire trail to it

Got to make sure it's burning good!

Primo make good parts, but those grips where shit.

A burning shit? nah just a burnt shit grip!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Bad' Medicine

Our homie over in the USA is still traveling' round and livin' the high life. He sent through a some pictures of some good old 'Legal' medicine. All I can say is this dude knows his shit & this set-up is 'dope'.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Night Kats

More action down in the night at the trails. I love the back drop for all these photo's. The sun was in a good spot & made for some nice colours & the palm tree's make it look cool. Josh who is holidaying in the USA sent some good photo's through at I know people who check this site will enjoy more on that and heaps more to come real soon.

Cody with a perfect no-foot can can

Brendan giving his Ameil impression
Love this photo. Ty with a big no foot can can.
Brendan laying one down

Easy-T ' Oi man, your camera is shit, the flash doesn't do fuck all'
'Oh there we go'
Ty with another excellent photo

Brendan snapping a down on the new dubb

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fishing On The Rocks With No Ice

Weather was shit to ride so went fishing. I didn't fish much. Just sat in the car and smoked joints. It was all worth it to see Simmon slip on the rocks and fall in the water but!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Darkness Session

Some trails action in the late afternoon one day. It was getting dark fast so everyone busted out a few stunts then we went and got drunk and wasted.Always more stuff to come!!

HammerTime with a T-bogg in the darkness
$eb whippin' real hard
Fellow blogger on here Travy cleaning his tyre for the next jump
Love this photo. Glen with a Nac-Nac
Travy Turn-Down
Glen with a flatty

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Spot & New Trails!!

Homie Josh hooked up some land(so Private Property) & everyone from soldoutbmx! crew & westoz crew have been digging some new trails & so far they are looking like they are going to kick some ass. Still lot's of work to do but here is what we got going so far. I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait to flow these motherfuckers.I was going to say roast 'em but roastin' bud is pretty much all we do when we go there...& drink beer.
Start from the top.

1st berm into

another berm into a

step up roller jump

into a drop down bowl

into the 1st dub

then choose your line, roast the left line for a right hand hip

or take the right hand line for a deece dub

left line hip landing

1st landing & right & left lines dub's

take the right line & go into another deece dub hipping to the left & blast through the 3rd of the left line
take the left line hip into a table roller into

the 3rd jump which hips to a landing/berm and roll round that 270 berm at speed

270 berm

& blast out & go in between the 3rd jump & join up with the right hand line. See all that green open space? that shit is going to be filled with jumps.