Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Come To Me Jumps On Sunday' Trav's Trails Jam

Travy had a bit of a trails jam a few weekends ago.Most of the soldout crew & westoz crew have moved dirt around these trails one time or another but Trav is the main man when it came to digging these & he is a wild man behind the shovel. There was some shire workers sniffing around (& that only means one thing...plowed) & the set was finally finished so Trav pretty much told everyone 'Come to me jumps on Sunday' so everyone did. The trails where dialed in,most people had a hangover,joints were rolled,beers were cold & the BBQ was roasting.

Trav wheel grab though the tree's

Darky showed us some classic dirt jumping on a chrome dirt bike! 1 foot flat

Darky. Superman seat grab the hip... yeah hip

Trav with a wheel grab as Bouncer Boots keeps an eye out

Darky with a lazzzy t-bogg

Brendan boostin

Trav lays one down

Ranga looking back

Jamo with a big look back

Young gun Jono with a t-bogg

Trav is boost

Ranga stylin out

Trav kept them running good all day

BBQ was good after the joints

30 eggs


Darky with his signature move. 1 hand tabo

Dolly chillin'

The crew enjoying the day

The man of the day
Big air & Flat. Travs on


Friday, August 27, 2010

Forgot About These Photo's. It's Only Bong Hits Anyway

Went down the trails to do some digging, but this is pretty much what happened insted of digging. Trav's 'Come To Me Jumps On Sunday' Jam photo's coming real soon.

Joint's rolled by the one & only.
Simmin got a new camera & his 1st picture was good!
Easy-T really did have ants in his pants
Checking the seal is good
Final touches
The result.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

'Josh's' Trails Digging Update

The boys have been busy digging at the new trails we got going on, Known as 'Josh's' due to the fact that is the dude who owns the land! Found some killer good dirt/clay and everything is getting shaped up & coated in the shit. Not long now! & remember Private Property suckers!!

Top section taking shape, still more mod's to do
1st dub & bowl clayed up & shaping
1st landing clayed up
Left Hip needs shaping & Right Line is shaped up
Left hip landing
Right Line landing finished
Second lip & bowl of left set getting finished off
Left & Right line's landings
New Lips are goood!!
Can't wait!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Gate Was Open To Trentsalvaina

The invite was there & we where hungover, so we went for a chilled session & took some photo's but the camera was on the wrong settings.Then some more of the crew rolled up and we filmed for the rest of the arvo before we went & partied!

Cody with a turn down
Simmin with a 'excellent bog photo' self claimed
Todd styin'

Jed ran the fake ray-bans all day & got the name 'KoolKat' for the day

Simmin was dropping x-ups after this psi check