Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Real Final Touches

I had some shit to say, but Hammertime just got here and were off to the airport.im pretty baked and B-town trails trip is on. All the finishing stuff to the trails and ready to roll. More shit soon.


Glen giving a test run with a 1 foot seat grab tabo

Finally!! Some Finishing Touches

Finally! Got some shit posted of the trails. Sorry to everyone for the lack of shit on the site. But It's all go now. Got a heap more to post. Here are some final days of digging the set & getting them finished. Got a few more of the soldout crew posting shit from around the joint and the site now also. Soldoutbmx 'Piss Drunk Trails Trip' to Melboune kicks off tomorrow and hope to clock some clips drinking.

'Thats the shit you want right there' -EazyT