Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trentsalvaina Video.

Got heaps of photo's still to put up, but I made this on my iphone just showing some of the new shit we got poppin' off. Riding them in now so should be some deece pictures soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sorry for no updates!! They are coming!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I have lots of trails action from josh's and trentsalvaina, but I have no internet to upload any photo's. Hang 5 and shit will be up as soon as I get some sorted.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trentsalvainia Maxxx Diggin' Update!!

All I can say is fuck yeah!! Trentsalvainia is off the hook! Everyone has been putting in work, digging/smoking/drinking but mostly digging. Got the Bobcat there the other day and go more shit done. Trails are looking so good!! I heard that Josh's trails have a set running & they have been digging/shaping hard also.Maybe photo's from there soon. I got word there is even more done then in these pictures, So there should be some shit popping off (web edit or somthing) coming soon, at least pictures!

PrettyShady inspired
Easy-T & the bobcat & dick

Travy's new 'speed' lip & Step-up Landing on main line

Step-Up landing

Sun,Trails,Beer.... Roll your joints tight

Night diggin'

Soldoutbmx! putting in work

Everyone that day had a soldoutbmx! shirt on.. Much love bro's

Jumps up to berm

berm to flat roll down

roll in off the berm
into the 'shark fin'
shark fin landing (easy-t) has shaping down
Shark fin leads into..

2nd with a curvy lip

looks good

into step up landing (not finished in pic but finished now)

Digging all day long... bong and beer breaks included

How Big??

Last lip into berm

Brendan shaping it up

Looking fucking good, this is going to bust your ass!! AIR time!
Todd (bro) slapping her in
Shaping up and soldoutbmx shirt fucking reppin'

Fuckin' perfection!!

(Also sorry the pictures are a little small, must have clicked 'medium' instead of the usual 'large')