Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year? New Shit ?

Yep, It is,So look at thecumup if you want every cunts 'best of 2011'edits. There was some good shit,Don't remember fuck all but I did see some real good ones. So what does SoldoutBmx! have for your bitch ass ? Fuck all. But got some re-prints and a few new designs in the works. Going to get some stickers made up also, if your a friend on facebook then you will see the profile picture, that will be a sticker and a shirt thanks to  Lindsay, but it should be a good year, also sorry for the lack of posts, but I am living in Thailand now so I am not at the trails for the antiks but lets hope this all changes and we can pump up the jam! Thanks for the support and the love over the year and if you want shit like stickers and shirts hit me up soldoutbmx@hotmail.com have a good one cunts and enjoy. Shit to cum.