Monday, September 20, 2010

lookin a bit fishie


Got a couple of shots with fish eye on

Ranga with a pink snapper

Trav with a flat head

ranga not scared
and trav was inspired

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trentsalvainia Digging Update!

Lot's & lot's of photo's from Trentsalvaina! These photo's are after some re-shaping,making bigger,new lips and making them look better. Work has been going down on all sets and everything is looking real good! There has been a bobcat & excavator there since these photo's so there has been a shit load more done so those photo's once I take them!

Bigg's 1st lip getting shaped up

The Bigg set

Main set 'clay has been found'

More Biggs

Main set getting squared up,shaped and re-faced

The 'sign'

From the top... few lines

Main Line or Fence Set?

Fence Set got a good make over with all lips being built up/re-faced and squared up

New berm for fence set

Marking out & planning the new line (which has already been built with the machines!)

Internet is shit & Web Store Update

The net is being real shit & slow so I can't put up the Trentsalvaina digging updates, But will give it another shot tomorrow!
On another note I am in the process of getting some final touches on the Soldoutbmx! web store & should be up and running in a few weeks, So anyone after some kick ass Soldoutbmx! stuff will be able to!!
We recently got our selves a Optika Baby Death fisheye lens & have been filming some trails action.Can't wait for summer... Our trails & friends trails are going to be roasting hard along with the bongs! So hopfully be able to get a some sort of video out of it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

'Josh's' Trails More Digging Update!

Trails trails trails!! They are all coming along with lots of digging going on at Josh's & at Trentsalvaina!!(update soon) The boy's have been busy digging at Josh's and getting the sets coated,shaped and building more of the sets & even more new times! Expect alot of trails updates from now on! Fucking stoked!

Top berms shaped up

Rollers & 1st lip

Left & Right lines... & a new one


New landings

Shaping up

Putting in work!