Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sitting In One Spot With A Big Lens On.

Some photo's from a lazy day down the trails, Trav got the HD camera out & clocked some shit,while easy-T chilled and took some photo's without leaving his seat because I had put the bigger lens on.Hopefully get some filming and photo's down the trails this weekend.
Brendan T-Boggin' while Trav's clockin'

Ranga & Brendan...back of the seat t-bogg??

HD baby woooooooo!! whats up now!

Brendan stylin'

Crew at the run in..all looking at somthing different

Ride Trails

Jed flat

Simmin flat

Ranga Nac

Ranga Flat.

Fuck Yeah watch this shit, 'What's the damage on that slice!!??'

Friday, April 16, 2010

Iphone Random Snappers

Here is some random photo's off my iphone i thought I would just put up since they have been building up.

Goon Bag Queens

Roasting an emu




easy's favorite sticker

easy reppin'

doesn't apply & we have tested it


Friday, April 9, 2010

Dope-Fiend Trails Web Edit.

Here is Soldoutbmx! first web edit of our trails. The quality is pretty shit but I can't upload a better version for a few weeks due to work internet so here it is.The footage is over a few months & was filmed on our little point & shoot video camera by mostly drunk/wasted friends at the trails. We got some good gear now for filming so hopefully our next one will be better!. Enjoy!!

SoldoutBmx! Dope-Fiend Trails Edit! from Jed Smith on Vimeo.