Thursday, December 18, 2008

Party Over Here!

Back for more hey hey? Not to much to bust this time. Invites for the Party are gettin' handed out and check the poster i just whipped up. I recon you should check hereforkicks asap for some wild times. Those dudes know how to party on down. Hitting up the Livewire Jam this weekend so Pic's of wildness from that but for now enjoy these

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Phone's Amazing

Word up! Got a little wild with the camera phones yesterday on a bit of a street ride. Few little video's and shit. Gettin' invites for the SoldoutBMX! NewYears Party printed ASAP, Map and Poster up soon, Just got to finish them. Don't forget when you hit the streets for mayhem, to throw a can of Export that bald headed chicken fucks trying to boot you out of the spot.And doin't forget if you see unatended shovels on the side of the road, You fuckin take em' .Check Swamp Donkey goin' big!! Piss Out!!Fence Ridin'Goin' The Distance

Swampin' ShovelsOnly Way To Finish The Ride

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jumped the Venom Lately?

SoldoutBMX! is back for real real. It's a real bummer that I can't update at work, thats why there isn't much news on here, but here is a few pictures from a couple weekends ago on the piss with Glen. A bit of digging on the trails has been going down, but for the most part we have all just been harrasing old men dressed in frenchy war clothes with a sword and blasting gaps and drops on the street. The Soldout New Years Party is a GO! Also, I'm making a poster to post on here,myspace and shit and Simmin recons we should make invites so going to do that also. So come party and get loose as fuck!! Check the Poster for details. Gunna post that tomorrow along with some antics and riding!!Piss Yeah and Piss Out!Rockin' Out!Swarn or 4?Burst and the Bike DogsWheelbarrows,Beers,ShovelsGettin' Rowdy in the club toiletsLookin' Slick!Easy T's Berm

Swamp Donkey Utes