Thursday, December 18, 2008

Party Over Here!

Back for more hey hey? Not to much to bust this time. Invites for the Party are gettin' handed out and check the poster i just whipped up. I recon you should check hereforkicks asap for some wild times. Those dudes know how to party on down. Hitting up the Livewire Jam this weekend so Pic's of wildness from that but for now enjoy these

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Phone's Amazing

Word up! Got a little wild with the camera phones yesterday on a bit of a street ride. Few little video's and shit. Gettin' invites for the SoldoutBMX! NewYears Party printed ASAP, Map and Poster up soon, Just got to finish them. Don't forget when you hit the streets for mayhem, to throw a can of Export that bald headed chicken fucks trying to boot you out of the spot.And doin't forget if you see unatended shovels on the side of the road, You fuckin take em' .Check Swamp Donkey goin' big!! Piss Out!!Fence Ridin'Goin' The Distance

Swampin' ShovelsOnly Way To Finish The Ride

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jumped the Venom Lately?

SoldoutBMX! is back for real real. It's a real bummer that I can't update at work, thats why there isn't much news on here, but here is a few pictures from a couple weekends ago on the piss with Glen. A bit of digging on the trails has been going down, but for the most part we have all just been harrasing old men dressed in frenchy war clothes with a sword and blasting gaps and drops on the street. The Soldout New Years Party is a GO! Also, I'm making a poster to post on here,myspace and shit and Simmin recons we should make invites so going to do that also. So come party and get loose as fuck!! Check the Poster for details. Gunna post that tomorrow along with some antics and riding!!Piss Yeah and Piss Out!Rockin' Out!Swarn or 4?Burst and the Bike DogsWheelbarrows,Beers,ShovelsGettin' Rowdy in the club toiletsLookin' Slick!Easy T's Berm

Swamp Donkey Utes

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back On The Attack!!

Whoa! Look out!, 1st off, I'm going to have to drop a Sorry to everyone who has been checkin' the site and been all 'Dude!,Soldout Sucks they never update anymore!'' My work has locked down the net and i can't even log on to myspace or blogger to update,But we have been busy, so check a few fuckin snaps. Oh yeah, Whats everyone doing new years? Soldout 80's Metal New Years Party? I think fuckin so. I shall get back to yall ass on that The trails are running like so awsome dude and the building of new sets its rokken and as usual Easy-T is down and out with a busted ass foot. Piss out!!

Moto'dEasy-T Busted up on the FilmTurndown B-townWater tanks are goodMy bro hooked all this from a sawp meet for $30SetsMore SetsReppin'Last berm Jump up or Down lowNew Sets
New sets

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let's Rock This Sucker! Alright!!

Old Lady Run Over - Watch more free videos

Yo, Haven't posted anything in a while 'cos well, I havn't had anything to post on. Going home tomorrow but so the action starts then!!Until then for all you rad dudes who check the site here are some videos i have found around the net.If your bored, hit up it has lots of videos of different people riding the same but some times you get the odd good video like this trails one and these dudes from banned. Piss yeah!

Dialed 603 Trails Fall 08 from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.
Rickey & Johnny edit pt. 2 from Sputnic BMX on Vimeo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Airtime In Your Spare Time..50's style!

Yo, Just a few pictures of some 50's action while I was back for the weekend. Hit a good little ride to maybe the 2 shitest skateparks but was good crew and everyone threw down a little some-somethin. Trent painted my bike also. Soldout stickers are going fast! Hit up Trent or Brendon if you want some, there lookin' after that shit while I am gone!

New P - Job! Thanks Trent!Spot the Simmin! Stylin'Oh Snap! Check the swing arm out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Livin' Large and Encharge!

Yo! Goin' home tomorrow, and trails are on the cards big time!! I shall get a few snaps for y'all ass. In other news, Check this segment little edit for their new video coming soon. 'trails is shouting' looks good real fuckin kick ass. I'm guessing most people have heard that Mikey Aitken got fucked up pretty bad at the POSH trails a little while back, so check his site for news and if you have some dollars to spare send them his way. We all know how good he is at riding, style for miles so this sucks ass. Enjoy the Livin' Large picture.

''TRAILS IS SHOUTING'' TRAILER from Segment Clothing on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Gay Is It?

Yo. Not much to post about here. Check to watch pretty much of 'how hard is it'. I all seen on the LD site that they are finshing little devil and just going to do Orchid! Bummer little devil is the best ever, 2 of the best videos ever and there shit was always kick ass. check the site for your self. But yeah here is Mikey C's section from how hard is it , 'cos we hang hang out with him at the trails a bit and have been friends with him for ages, so enjoy enjoy.

section 7 mikey from howhardisit bmx on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fuck Soldout man, those dudes are gay!!

Yo Yeah man. Leather and Denim is gay? what ever. anyway in the news I have which is fuck all but I just watched this dude called 'tailwhip tony' off prettyshady and I think do like 10 tailwhips in a 1 minute run in the dew tour?. tailwhips were cool and I used to enjoy them but now????????????? trendwhore? oh yeah that is a sticker also from So Cool SoldoutBMX Check ridebmx UK for the video. Anyone who doesn't know STEEL PANTHER better get on the train. these dudes rock. fashion and music wise!! there myspace is gay so just go to soldout's myspace and they are on the top friends and click that and you will see, radical!! here are the new s and m video that will kick ass. but Marvin? were are you?? enjoy the video. Josh Sticker!!!!!

S&M I Wanna Live Trailer from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Soldoutbmx Stickers are hurrrr.

Yo brohab, the stickers just came, well yesterday but i coundn't be fucked doing a 'photo shoot' but I just did while I was on the phone with Easy-T and got some updates on the trails also. The trails last double berm is close to being finished witht he bottom bit done and the table/roller after it, just got to bust out the top half and the jump intop the bowl and them make the last step up. So looking good keen to bust out a few stunts on that bitch. But yeah here are the pictures of the new stickers. Holla at me on myspace if you want want 'cos it's Soldouts birthday... Not for Real Real, Just for Play Play! Anyway enjoy, I like them. Programs and shit coming soon so shirts and shit soon. Oh yeah 1 of my fave rideBMX cover pictures and check the ride site for every one of there covers.Oh yeah one last thing. Check hereforkicks! beacuse it has the BEST fart ever!! and titties, Pissyeah!!Stick HersOH yeah! like my new leather? fuck yeah

T.J....Dirt Jumping!

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Stickers Real soon!

Yo Yo. You loving the new logo thing at the top of the page?? I fuckin' am 'cos it kicks fuckin' ass. Oh yeah it is 1 of the new stickers. There is sooooooooo many new designs for the stickers, there will be 1 for everyone!(rockers,japanese,thai,metal,punk,emo,trails etc) The 1st batch was free ( and there is still a few left so holla) But these ones some $$$ is going to have to be payed, hand outs to the "team??'' but yeah others pass the dollars this way!!.Oh yeah I have added SPRFLS to the links and check is fucking video. It was on which is aussie and check the fuckin' style and trails... Airtime in you Spare Time!! and when the stickers come thought I will post some flicks of them. Piss out!

untitled from on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Big With A PissYeah! Up Your Date!!!

Yo, my internet has been real homosexual so I havn't posted any bullshit for a while. So here is I guess a real update?? on the clothing side of shit. I am talking about the shirts, hoodies,groupie shirts(girls) and bandanas. I have hooked up some copys of Photoshop and CorelDraw and I really need these to get the job done piss good. So I should be picking these suckers up when I go home next which should be a week or so.I have the printers lined up and the designs are flowing like jizz out of a sluts ass. So just hold 5 for the real deal shit. In other news I have been busy designing a fuck load of new stickers. So I have to hit up the dude and see the deal-e-o and then get them sorted. Everyone is crying for car stickers and I will ask this dude but he is pretty gay so I think I will get them when I go back to Perth next. Everyone is down for this Soldout shit so it IS coming,it's just like when your real piss drunk with some so-so slut and you take forever to cum but it does come and when it does it is pretty radical,think of it like that. Anyway here are some pictures and videos.Oh yeah ty said the new 50's jump BrenDon made is 'maximum air time' so I hope he gets some footage, and the trails who knows. Trents probley 4wd'n right now. I'm not posting pictures of the new stickers but they are rad. piss out.

Bust out on our new game! for PS1 only!Classic SoldoutThe 'WingDick'

as soon as you click you will remeber!

It is Skating....But These dude kicks fuckin' ass.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I forgot to post this before, but yeah I won my shit on ebay. Check it 36 bucks US. To goooooooood!!. can someone say Soldout Glam Metal Party????....Steve's??........... Sometime???.......

Peace out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flash Backs!

Yo. Fuck all to post about. So I thought I would post some of the classic soldout pictures from the old site. Check the old school site if you want, It's pretty fucking good. Check is killer Skavenger video promo.Also check for a shit load of videos. Oh Yeah can anyone say Bandana!! Found somewere to do them, so there goin to get done real soon!! -- soldout's old school site.

Skavenger Pop Off... Mini Vid... Off Pop from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Way To Play The Boss's Head Like A Bongo Homer

Oh Yeah, Oh yeah! It's the 'SoldoutBMX Cycling Gang' back in action! Been away for a few weeks 'cos I have been away in Thailand with the girl, but we are back! PissYeah! Well it's been raining and shit so no trails action. Easy-T's been digging and the berm is done and just have to finish the last one. So thats cool as fuck. I have a few pictures of Maxx gettin drunk, then drinking, then passing out. I am Designing some new shirt designs to get printed, Stickers real soon, Car stickers also and just found a killer site that does Bandana's so oh yeah baby. Got to keep it Glam Metal all the way. Oh yeah any of you mother fuckers who have not seen Banned In Orlando 2 are piss weak. Im guessing you never will but you are missing out on maybe the best video (non trails but has heaps in it anyway) me and Glen have ever seen??? Fuck yeah Banned very much love!!!!!! Oh check the other sites on the links bit 'cos there is heaps of bullshit on all them sites. Piss Yeah. I think I may have maybe got the best thing on ebay? we will see in 18 hours. If i win you will see, if i lose you shall see Soulja Boys Dick.Only in NT

Oh No! Maxx! Goin' To Bigg, To Fast. Weak As Piss I say!The Devil Has Maxx by the sack!

Maxx drinking tooooo much.