Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Fuck Cunt, It Has Been I While!!' Ye$, Diggin' Your A$$ Bitch!

Yes, I know all you motherfuckers have been checking this shit and been like ' what the fuck? where are these cunts updates'? Well I do roam around alot in Asia but hey... I like to party!, Anyways here are some photo's from the digging down at the Secret Valley Taven aka Josh's Trails. We had a few machines in to move the dirt. Don't expect me to explain what is planned here because I was tripping on Opium that weekend.

Publican Josh in the machine
Jumps & berms
Rollers, jumps
More fucking berms

Some mad dogg who lost his dog the day before, and rolled in to tell us he had found is dog, but he had a Datsun SSS Stanza for a rallye car

He had some mad stickers on the datto, but you know SoldoutBmx! will hook up your local hoon
Landings and shit.

I have a some more shit cunts so just wait na! hahahaa