Friday, November 27, 2009

Shit Camera, Some OK pictures.

Here is some photo's we got a few weeks ago with my shitty little camera at a little session down the trails. Been pretty slack on the updates but don't really have anything else to post.Hopfully get some pictures soon. Added a few more links too, DigFourVictory & Sasquatch Canyon. Both good trails blogs.Thanks to Segment for the links! & SCGIT! is another blog I'm just starting. It will be just photo's & stuff (not bmx) I have taken from my travels and don't post on here if your into that sort of thing.

Alan gettin' some spin action & not just in the chop bowl.

Todd came down for a whip.

Brendan dippin' & spinnin'

Todd aka bro dropping a flat
Brendan braappin'
Alan poppin' some air
Todd with a text book wheel grab 1 footer
Brendan hittin' the eject button
Alan spinning again

Alan wheel grab that ass.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Techno Bong Hit!!!

2 post's in 1 night, shit's getting wild! Here is the best video. DJ Gazillionare aka Roo with his smash hit Techno Bong Hit!!. When you wake up at 3am and can't get to sleep what do you do?? If your name is Roo you punch a cone,film it & edit to a techno sound track with cut backs and flashes and shit.

Lazy Ass Trails & Park

Been a pretty lazy few weeks with the photo's.Mostly riding,drinking export and blazin' it up.Been filming more then photoing with Trav's little camera so could be a little edit dropping some time if we get any good 'clips' as some people say,most of the time we can't be fucked but. Here is a few photo's that we did take. Got some from my shit camera I took a few weeks ago & will slap them up soon.
Simmin getting the 3-0 down on the dirt
Jed & Ty gettin' the team 270 down on the hip
Simmin with yet another world class x-up
Jed trying to get these whips down.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Soldout Demolition Derby!

Just got this picture send to me from DMC & DH. They went in a demo derby and this was the rig they used! XF Falcon with the famous wingdick & soldout on the front.Sooo happy they did this shit!

lima from lightsinthewoods on Vimeo.

Here is a video from LightsInTheWoods of Lima bustin' up some trails, fucking love the style!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trentsalvaina Part 2

More trails action from the 1st session down at Trentsalvaina! Can't wait to go down there again and bust some stunts and shoot some more photo's. There will be more action that's for sure & my video camera should be fixed so could be some edit's popping up but I can't promise shit. I just got word that Kyle Painter got the Soldout shirts I sent him & gave some to Colt Fake & Rickey Bates & he is fucking stoked on them! If you don't know these dudes you should watch Banned 3.That video kicks way too much ass.

Trav - with a flat & 1 of my favorite photos
Clay up for maximum speed!


Simmin - sailing a whipped out x

Brendan - turning down the big girl

Trails rigs
Eazy-T Paparazzi

What you need after a good trails session is a good BBQ

Troy - flying high with a superman


Simmin - xup

Gav - Clicked

Brendan - T-dogg