Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trentsalvina Back On The Map.

Here it is, the 1st session down at Trentsalvina, we all waited for 'trails-boss Eazy T' to do the 1st run & he sailed them like he has been riding them everyday, and after that it was on, & hard, feeding frenzy is the only way to put it, The rain was light & on and off all day but no one gave a fuck, too wet to break out the camera & I was way to busy bustin' ass on the trails. These are some photo's on the later session & the egg's were flowing so I thought I would get some photo's of the other 'flowing' going down, still more photo's to put up from this fucking excelent day real soon.

Looking very fucking good.

Trav - pancake

Flash I scored from raiding the ol' man's camera bag.
Brendan - turndown on one of the funnest sets to ride
Simmin - flaty while Glen looks on

Clayed up and running goooooooood
Gav - snapped a turndown on the revised 'soldout' jump
Trav - high & whipped off those black lines
Trails Boss Trent & his tools
Troy - Flat 1 footer
Simmin - with a T-bogg
Gav - Gettin' moto whipped
Brendan - seat grab

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guess What?! More Trails!!

Trails are back baby. Here is a small sample of what is to come. A little session down some of our other trails & 1 sneaky street pic,but I don't give a fuck, there is going to be a trail over load soon ass. Trentsilvania is running & better then ever,shit load of photo's & they will be up in a few days!
Brendan whippin' it through the tree's
Jed nac with a bit more effort this time

Looking out in the distance
Simmin T-Boggin'
Brendan - sunset seatgrab
Trav turndowns into the sun
Simmin with flat/invert
Jed turning it down
Brendan bbrrraaapppppppp
Jed wheel grab with a price tag...
Cost me 1 chin gash & seen a few stars
Simmin grabbin' the wheel
Trav with a stylin' flat
Jed using his trick-sticks on a up rail to tooth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trails Action From The Track...Train Track That Is!

Here is a very short talk I had with the dude behind the pub in the middle of fuck knows at work.
me- just grab a couple of emu export cans mate?
pub- sorry mate got no eggs.
me-walked out.
On that note here is some trails action from Trav's Train Track Trails, location? eat a dick! Pretty much had a 'Soldout Table-Top Clearance with 60% - 80% off, with a few other bargains up for grabs. So enjoy the the trails snaps from the trail rats of Soldout.!
Trail-Boss - lookin' back at the pack
Smooth & Hard
Soldout Shirt Sessions

The Soldout Table-Top Clearance!
Joeboy got a good deal
Simmin was there early
Brendan found a good one out the back
Alan was late but still was able to find one that he liked.
Soapy Water?
Trav Sailing
Jed Hurting
Simmin stylin' out the x-up
Trav whippin' while Simmin wishes he was sippin'
Hard as Buck
Brendan turning down that hippy music
Cody cock in 1 hand Rum in the other,
Brendan Flowing
Brendan T-Bog's the hip
Simmin keeps an eye on the 'other' session going down at the trails
And Alan turns it off at the end.