Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Actions That Go Down

Some random shit of my phone, & a photo of Micca doing a stunt in B-Town. Still got a chilled trails session up at Trentsalvainia to put up, plus some footage. Keep you cunt's coming back for more.

That's right! stickers came in & I have fucking shit loads of them. Want some? Holla at me soldoutbmx@hotmail.com and we can cut a deal.

Home Grown

Buttman is a great magazine. They also like Soldout!

PrettyShady at the top of my list

Random Boss shot

Micca getting it done. (photo by one of lindsays mates, there is heaps more, Lindsay is meant to post them some time)

Trav with House-Band out the front of Royal Bmx for some video premier of a completely different video that I thought I was going to see.

In the pub

Excited about this new project.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trails Update....About Fuckin' Time!

Some riding on this site? Fuck Yeah!. Here is some photo's of Trentsalvainia from a few weeks ago that I tryed updating but the internet was being a cunt. A bit of re-shaping and digging going down & a bit of riding. Got a shit load of trails action to come with a deece camera and some Drift (same same as GoPro) footage of riding threw the trails. Also these are all iPhone photo's so there shit.

New step up line landing in the works

Jump before the new step up

Random bottom berm shot

2nd Fence Set, touched up
3rd Fence Set, re-liped and more squared up landing

4th total re-done lip & steeper landing & squared off more
Fence Line

Easy - T & Hammertime on the lip
Drinking Beers & watching the Trails Boss do this thing
Drinking,watering and getting them ready to roll


Beachy is a good cunt & good at going and getting high

Josh took a break from running the hidden valley tavern to ride Trentsalvainia

Simmin with an XXX

The Boss

Tim aka Tom & Dyl styin out in the distance

Jamo spinning through mid-set

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abouth a month ago we had a friends 20th birthday, and Luke does everything well from boozing to drugs, and this dress up jam was no exception, Cheers mate

Kieth (aka myself) & Craig'o (aka boris aka ryan)

Whole Crew

Dan (Purple bike kid). Ninja turtle also won the longneck in the long jump comp.

ZAC (aka cockstain)

Keith an Cockstain had an air contest, and keithy won himself a longneck.

Micca one arm on e legger nac, pat being nun praising him.

Craigo rubber wrist X up.

The Mans 20th birthday, does a one legger, and few other substances.

Techy T bog.

Micca one legger exstension.

Keithy enjoying the longneck he won.

cunts chillin.

Luke, Wolly (aka jamie), Big Bird (aka stu.)

Fuck knows?

Me n Craigo, had a bit of an argument over who won the mono contest.

Luke n Josh, being gay and having gay beer

Chuck C, being snow white

Pat the nun doing an endo

Techy n Brock the priest getting freaky, Alsothese two have just moved to melbourne together, so they'll be missed seeing as they are 2 of the 5 trail diggers here, and i'm out busted. Good luck in the big smoke anyway cunts.

Brock & Pat the catholic type. Also shot all the photo's for the day.

Oscar the wolf or something, drinking boonie cans anyway.

Due to a few issues with mono contest, mainly keith took a dive,

so that will be re run at the next piss up again and again.