Monday, June 28, 2010

it has been a good month

Gday all u bunch of big girls,good old perth let down a orgasm for a day leaving the dirt all nice and moist, so i decided to go deep(into the ground),or as glen would say,are u gona dig or finger bang ur misses in the bush,ahaha hopefully pics speak for themselve, well i cant be bothered typing so catch u round.

starten to take shape

bit more work for that lip and landing

hip into berm,currently 1st jump,needs a bit of a slap with the old shovel

this could be wateva u want it to be

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canada Adventures with Seb Part 2

Seb sent through some more photo's & this time of some trails action! Big shout out from Seb & Soldoutbmx! to all the homies who build & ride at Kush Trails & EarthRampBikeParks for the photo's and letting a fellow brother roast some trails & smoke some bud! Photo's by Jason Vawter.
Good Shirt, Good Nac, Good Trails
360 Taybo

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog & Die Cunt!!!

Went for a chilled session down the skatepark. It was all trains or same time / same trick combo's. The Soldoutbmx! 'Weed' shirt is pretty much finished and I will post it up so you can have a look when I am 100% with it.

Ty's bike is dialed & his no foot can's are styled
Cody & Ty getting a bit of team effort going on the boxxx
They where was also team manuals going down too.wrote soldoutbmx in wet concrete at the park the other day. I drew a dick too but that was some how gone.
Cody was going to do a bar spin disaster but took too long.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

44 Fires Are The Best!

Soldoutbmx! crue & WestOz crue had a piss up at the new trails spot for Lindsay's going back to B-town. Here is some shit photo's from that event.

One of the best joints rolled I have had the pleasure of smoking
Iphone sequence of Lindsay's pole ice.

'44 fires are the best! I love 'em, beacuse of that I could run my flanno all night & not get cold' -Glen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midnight Madness

Here is some random photo's I got. There has been a bit of riding here and there & digging going down on all trail fronts including Trentsalvania, Train Track Trails & the 'New Spot' that is just known as 'Joshs'. There has been more drinking and hanging out,punching hot ones and shit talking but it's all good. Got a few more of the homies lined up to post shit so hopefully some action soon!

Flame pizza

The Chip Keeper

Don't fuck around at the trails or Oregan will come out

This dude couldn't drink piss for shit, but could access facebook on the go with his laptop in the club

Best captions I have seen in a porno

Can Bongs

Shin gash


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Couldn't Have Put It Better Myself!

Was just surfing around the net doing the rounds & on the SolidBikes site has pretty much the best set of 'Trails Rules' I have ever read. I suggest you have a read. Check it HERE!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Canada Adventures with Seb

Young Seb is over in Canada reppin' some fresh soldoutbmx! shit & hanging out with some of his boys over there.He has sent some photo's through to post up of some park sessions, can't wait to see the trails action when they hit them up.Thanks to Peter Smythe for the snaps!
Seb flat
James Van De Kamp with a can can
Seb with some sort of nac/flat hybrid
Peter Smythe T-bogg