Friday, January 22, 2010

Real Good Trails Vid.

Bored?? Too fuckin' hot to go bust a stunt? It's not to hot to punch cones & drink piss and watch a trails video called Welcome to Jefferson State on to pass the time.The sections are scatted over page 3 to page 1, I'm sure will figure it out.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Trails Overload!!

I said it, so here it is! Lot's & lot's of trails action from the trails, Bustin' stunts, rollin' blunts,drinking, chillin' and Easy-T. These photo's are over a few days, I can't remember when but all good sessions at the jumps and on the bongs.Enjoy.
Easy-T showing who is still the boss
Trav with a dusty invert
Everyone is putting soldout on there bikes... have you?
Gate Keeper Easy-T
Travy Beers & Blunts at the trails
Trav whips with 'the sign' in frame
Trav gettin' inverted
Trails Bustin'
Todd aka bro came and dropped mad flats
Trav gave the flats ago also
Trav snapped t-downs
Super Stylin' Simmin with Jed hot on his tale
Clayed up
Simmin aka the terminator with an x-up from the future
Simmin gave Easy-T's bike the once over to make sure it was in order
Lips are good for boostin' and for suckin' dick
Simmin pancakes
Rollin' Scooby's at the trails is always welcome & encoraged
New Lips
Jed Slack nacin'
Glen does the can can
Jed droppin' t-downs
Brendan T-downs
Brendan braappin'
Easy-T Yes Easy-T flat as fuck
Brendan stylin' sideways
Jed booostin' that shit
Brendan T-Bog thats it.
Glen with another dance move, 1st the can can now the nac nac
Brendan checkin' the psi
More Braap from Brendan
Easy-T's cooling down after a few stunts.
Through the Tree's
My cobra sticker!!
Jumpin' the jumps, thats what we made them for!!

New Links & Photo's...soon!

Added a few more links. Wasted Youth (Mike Cottle's blog think banned/hfk! type shit with trails!) & Streetphire & MexicanJohnsBlog (UK bro's with street & photography action) Trails photo's up real soon, going to go and sort them out when I am pissed tomorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Soldout Roadtrip...Sort of.

A few of us, well 3 of the soldout crue went on a little roadtrip down to Albany,Margeret River & Boyenup. Glen & Trav hit up Albany and went to all the spots & parks but didn't have any sort of camera's with them so no clips or photo's from there, & I drove down to meet them in Margeret River. Didn't get any photo's from Margeret River park was too busy stunting, But there was heaps of good skaters rippin' it up & some kid with very ugly barspins & whips. Trav made a friend with a Possum and they had Emu Export soaked bread togeather, then we went to the Boyenup Bowl & Glen & Jed did a few little moves. This trip will have to be done again with more people and video cameras next time. & get ready for the next post, It is going to be a Trail OverLoad!!
Glen enjoying the hip
Jed transfer from the bowl to the flat bank
This old boy was doing the same trip as us & meet up with him at every park from Albany,Margs & the Bowl.He shreded also.

180's The Flavor Of The Day.

Me & Trav had a little session down the local skankpark, one avro & 180's were on our mind along with blunts and beers.
Jed Poppin' his 180 off
While Trav goes for the high speed version...nothing new there.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update soon!!

Welcome to 2010!!, & only 13 days late. Been good to fuck off the computer and shit for a while.But I have lot's of trails action & other bustin' to put up & will with in the next few days.