Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going Home Soon

Yeah! Im going home soon! I'm going to try get my video camera of Trento and while at work I'm going to make a little web edit( if Trent hasn't got any filming planned) and get some screen shots for some riding action. At Ease.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Links & 1 Picture.

Not much going on. & I am so very bored, so all day looooong I have been surfing or maybe I will say riding the net and found some good videos. There is this dude who frontflips down a set of stairs!! It is crazy and what is happing to BMX these days.I like trails but it was cool I guess. I also found this awsome video of this dude called Colt Fake and he is wild. Love his style. & the video that section was out of is from Banned In Orlando 2 and here is the preview.

Here is a site that I check more then myspace. Prettyshady. I love that site.Always has great pictures and other stuff. (By the way click the links to take you to the videos and site) Have a great weekend. I know I am................................................not.

Picture of Bikes! Whoooooo!

Friday, June 27, 2008

No Much..

I don't really have much to say and update on... I'm at work in the middle of fuck knows were and the trails and everyone are far far away so i don't know the jam. I found a few more pictures on my computer that i can show you....... This is a rodeo. Same as yours Glen but over in Thailand they call them D-Max, and I think are a lot cooler. This one has all the shit on it and has 24's. It has been lifted insted of the other way. those crazy thai's!
I love these.When you roll in to a 7/11 drunk and see these and its name how can you not buy one.

Here is a picture I found.Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!

Trav bustin out the Swamp Donkey.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pictures from Trents Bday Jam & Some other things I seen in Thailand!

Yeah! 1 picture of riding from the Jam! Thanks to Glen & a few other pictures of thing I seen in Thailand. Trav aka Swamp Donkey booostin' the last of the normail set. A roller/jump up double level berm to step down to the last jump ( all still in digging mode)
Seen this in the city.
Trento and his room. Check the Shirt it is spandex,But I think Glen has the Best Soldout shirt ever!
Chips from Thailand! all the best flavors I say.
This picture was in a Taxi in Bangkok. I'm guessing no farting?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gettin' Ready For T-rents B-day T-rails J-am!

Hello again! Sorry for the late up-date, I know no one really looks at this, if anyone but I have been on holiday in Thailand with my girlfriend, so I havn't been seeing much of the trails, But the news has been grim, with it been raining most of the time and the trails have been flooded most of the time. Here is a few pictures of Trents Trail Jam the day before. Im sorry I didn't take any pictures of any riding because I was to busy riding my self. Got some Killer footage. with some good stuff. So look out!!The Soldout Banner Simmin & I made on a bedsheet!
The big set veiw from the last landing. They have been hit and Airtime!!
The last lip of the big set. Needs more lip and was a bit soft when it was hit.
Trents on camera!
Trent got payed!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3rd June. Airport day

Iwas flying home from work & here are a few photo's from this event. Now I will never know why but this photo is everyone standing up waiting to get off the plane,The plane has just stopped and the 'seatbelts light' has gone off, but why does everyone get up real fast and then stand around? Everyone here was standing around for about 7 minutes.
In sydney they have flash new cars in the airport
Oh No! Dr Dorkoe... is he making a come back?
Planes & airport things
I just found this picture, and silly me forgot to post is asap. hahaha Gold. Trent-o busting mad styles on the 50 and not just the trails!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Video Reviews.

Here are some kick ass video that you should see. I love them all!!! Building The Underground. The 1st pretty much all trails video that I seen. I liked it alot, I dont know how many times we watched this. The Music is fucking good. heaps of good metal and the riding is gooood. SoLame Trails are too good and look soo good to ride. Mikey rode there and hung out with all the dudes in this dvd and says there are cool as fuck. Blazing,Riding,Digging. all the usual shit. This video kicks alot of ass, come to think of it, Im going to watch it right now! I can't wait for the next one!! Out of a six pack i give it a six! The mix of trails and street is good and the burnside footage is good!!!
PrettyShady 4. PrettyShady dvds are pretty underground and i couldn't find a picture of the dvd cover because they are hand drawn. I didn't really know what to think when I sent my money to get this dvd, I had seen a few little clips on youtube and it looked too good. So when this dvd was in my hot little hands, I rushed over to my friends house and got the local trails crew togeather to watch. And all i can say is Fuck Yeah Baby! Hands down the Best Trails video i have and I think most of my friends have ever seen. I loved the music every song was great and I downloaded most of them that i could find. The riding was great and the trails..... too good. I would love to hit them up. Style for miles. When prettyshady 5 drops, I will be 1st in line to get a copy.Out of a six pack I would give this a whole carton. Much love PrettyShady Crew.

Analog. Is a real good UK Trails video, heaps of good trail in heaps of spots. The music is good too. I liked most of it. The drum and bass section was a bit much for me, but it has Segment Clothing on its side and those dudes are down with DJ's and drum 'n' bass so it fits. The riding is good with heaps of style and flow. I would give this out of a six pack, six out of six.
Metal Bikes. Dead Bang. Ok here we go, Can i just say fuck yeah. The music is awesome. Good tunes all round. Any section with Jimmy LeVan in it has got to be fucking good. Full throttle all the way. Alex Livv section.... Drop a few more stairs.. Sean Burns is a wild man but fucking good rider, and the rest of the team is all good. The Trails section is gooood and to see Jimmy busting out kicks ass. Bugger Mann B-ball section is funny too. I was real down. Metal Bikes has always been my favorite company so I'm giving this puppy out of a six pack, a six. A must see I recon for hardcore, raw street action is video is the gooooooooo.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Old News & Pictures from random days!

Oh yeah, Soldout has a myspace page also. Check it out. Add us and post some comments, beacuse we have like 5. This was one sunny morning after a quick stop at the local bottle shop and we got some beers and ice but then remembered we didn't have an esky, No problem, Cody always keeps a suitcase with heaps of his mum's old clothes in his car just in case we need it for an esky.It worked for a little bit until all the ice melted and Codys back seat was wet as fuck.
Oh Yeah, Lennie Rodgers, I did some research on this bike and found very little, but Lennie was a great road racer and raced in heaps of races all over the place. He used to ride for Malven Star when this bike came out. The back rim is snapped due to DH trying to do a wheelie on it. It has too be some of the best footage ever, and the bit I got of him 'speeding' down the road when he thought I wasn't filming is gold.
Big Stiks 4 sale, Call 1800-SOLDOUT, This is on the local notice board in the local pub. The picture down the bottom is some guy getting pissed on. I get some dude would have tryed to call it.
BMX! Trav whippin' out a 360 on the spine/ last landing at the Trails.
Team work at its best. A wheelie on a 50 and getting a Jack's passed to you. Its got to be good.
The trails even have Llamas. There has been a lot of talk about shooting him with a bow and arrow. Ameil says there is a 1 out 3 chance he could get it threw the neck. But we will never kill him

Trento bustin out a 360 flat over the spine.

Trent has about 1000 porno mags in his room, so after a hard day digging and riding at the trails its always good to come sit back and play xbox 360, pop some caps, pop a top and draw all over them and make funny soldout adds.This one is 'rubber man' going to hit this bitch with a stubbie while he shouts 'piss off mate' I think he might be talking to Cody.
Its amazing what you find in some peoples cars.Porno's while driving always passes the time.
This is my new car after a meeting with a kangaroo at 100kms. As you can tell I have only had it for 1 month and this. awesume!!!!!!!!!

May 23ish I think (no BMX)

This is a government car.It didn't have number plates but a gold crown thing like empire on the front. I think it was to do with the queen or some shit. It also had a little flag on the front.Cla$$.
This is Trent drawing on the back of the 'soldout recovery vehicle' as I like to say, beacuse everytime some shit does down This car comes and picks you up or if your 50's busted or your car is fucked up from kangaroos. Anyway Inspector REX was there on Trents smell beacuse he stole 2 of his barrells for water at the trails. Mr Rex made a few calls and just minutes after leaving we got pulled over by the real police for speeding!
This is Trents effort in writing Soldout. He fucked the lighting bolt up so manytimes!
Cody speeding and drink driving, normal actions.