Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uni Life?

Today was the first day of 'O' week at Uni for me,

So i went on little trip up to Rochester,

For a ride, drink ice coffee and smoke ciggies.

Did a one legger as usual.

Photographed this water tower/town clock.
Day Done and Dusted!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trashy To Classy!

Thought I would share this, From a photo shoot I did with a friend of mine. She used these photo's I took to get into Ralph, bike & all! Cool chick & good friend. Thanks again Kitten.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Melbourne Road Trip Part 1.

Here is the 1st part of what was going to be called 'Soldoutbmx! Melbourne Trails Trip' but a better name would be 'Soldoutbmx! Piss-Drunk Blazin' Hangin' Out Havin' A Good Time With A Good Crew & Riding Bikes Trip'.
Here is a shit load of photo's from our time in Bendigo aka B-Town, to Party for Lindsay's birthday & to have a jam at there trails. I am going to say right now I was pretty lazy with the camera on both taking pictures & filming, but fuck it, We were all drinking as much beer & smoking as much weed as we could everyday & trying to ride our bikes in between. Also I only remember some shit and this is what I do. Enjoy.

Glens bed for the 5 or 6 nights we spent in B-Town. 1st night in we had 6 cartons of VB's and we punched as much of them cunts as we could.

The mud brick shack at Storms house has some crazy history with artist/ hippies & we all think there would have been some kick ass drug infused orgies with heaps of piss,weed,acid & at the end if it they would all paint pictures and shit. Pretty sure we used that McNuggets box for our chop bowl for the time we were there.

Lindsay's beast, It got us from Melbourne to B-Town with 3 dudes, 2 bikes in boxes, camera gear,2 back packs & 2 cartons of piss. The temperature gauge likes to just sit under the 'H' as well.

I lost my phone 1st night into the trip, but some how from some lady calling my bro, who called Glen & I got it back. It was found in a puddle near the trails & she said she only found it 'because we pulled over to have an argument' She even charged it & dryed it out for me in rice, this is how i got it back, never got round to cooking that rice. I hooked her up a couple of bottles of goon to say thanks sweet heart.

Just a week or so before we were meant to come over from Perth, they had heaps of rain and it pretty much washed the trails away and fucked them. The digging crew put in work before we got there but there was still plenty to do before we could ride them.

So we started digging/shaping/fixing etc, all the normal shit you do when your trails get washed away from a creek.

It was Lindsays birthday on the Saturday & he said we were riding that day & having a jam down there so shit had to get done.

Everyone wears work boots out there to dig beacuse it is muddy as fuck, but thanks to Storm who hooked me up some Vans he doesn't wear anymore 'cos he stepped in his own shit once when digging down the trails

Glen also scored some kicks
Lindsay smacks down the lips so hard & he wonders why this happens...

As good as it's going to get on jam day
As you can see it takes 3 people to watch Chuck rack the lip

This is Boonga. A perfect example of a good trails dogg. She would run around the trails full speed (not get in anyones way...ever) for how ever long she wanted to with all these crazy lines

After the run, she would find a puddle to chill.

This dogg also loves weed, & anytime there is a bong being ripped or a joint on the rotation she would be there sniffing away. Lindsay bong's on & she was there in a second.

After getting as much smoke as she could get, Boonga would be back on the run. By this shot you can see how fast she was!

Creek near the trails

Lindsay was a great tour guide of B-Town showing us the pub's he was been kicked out off, been in fights at, where people have been fucked up, spot's where he did some stunts on his bike & also took us to a look look out over B-town

Left a little something there, not as good as all the 'Mandy is a slut','U R GAY' shit all over the place.

Banned Budsaw, S & M sticker, Comp III, Moto-x chain,S & M DirtBike,Profiles...Lindsays bike

The Jam day was here! & the rest of the crew had just landed and made there way up for the event. Welcome Doc & Dil (aka Cockstain Mathews). As you can see beers where all ready on the go & Doc with a joint.

Yep lost count of these on the trip

We where all waiting to see this when Dil & Lindsay where back together again. As you can see Lindsay was on Dil's case so fast. Word up to Stu who rolled up in the Soldoutbmx! Dope-Fiend shirt!

The trails after we had got as much as we could before the jam.

Master of the domain

Once most of the people rocked up & a few beers & joints were down, the BMX started!

Chuck sending it


I am pretty sure Chuck ripped his sleeves off his flanno that day

While the BMX was going down, Doc was stoned cold chillllinnnnnnnnn..

Glen gave them a go

Lindsay rode in work boots & I seen him do a tail whip at the skate park in them as well. His favorite trick the one legger

One of the 1st runs of the day

Kickin it

Michael aka Micca put on a bit of a show down the trails, Big no foot can can

Big no hander, He rides a bike better then he can hook up weed, well it did end up coming through, just a few days later... cheers bro!

He was some wild 360's

I thought he was doing to do a no hander but he said 'nah i wasn't even thinking about it'
Personally I like the ski jumped out one's better

Techy with a lazy T-Bog, I was a bit late on the photo

After all the crazy stunts where done it was time to do some tandem drinking

& talk about how much we plan to drink that night.

Well that's what I remember of B-Town. I think I did pretty well! Shout out to all the B-Town locals who we drank with , rode with, smoked bongs with. Peace

Part 2...Melbourne City.