Friday, April 12, 2013

Trails Jam Photos!

Enjoy this radical photo's from the Trails Jam that went down at HiddenVallyTrails thanks to Josh & the locals. All photo's taken by Joel & cheers for letting me snake them off your facebook. Sorry if I got your name wrong on any of the photo's.

Angus Samson clicked t-down

Travy! aka SwampDonkey.

Seb snappin' a turndown

Jay King with madd 3's

Daniel Cohbam 3 turndown

Daniel Cohbam & Sponno

 Beechy huckin' a 3
Daniel & Jay 3 train


Mike Ross - superman ' He had tire burns on his stomach from doing these!'

Daniel Cohbam

Colin Nevin

Jay King

Sponno whippin'

Jay King 3 taybro's

Jay King

Angus Samson

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