Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Hidden Valley Trails Jam

The 1st WA trails jam was fucking popping off at Hidden Valley Trails, Thanks to Josh, Hammertime and a heap of other good cunts. Shit was wild and the proof will be in the Soldoutbmx! edit of the jam but that is going to have to wait because I was on the piss with Cody & Gav till late and flying out to TAS for a job at 4am, so what happened ?? I forgot my fucking SD cards out of my camera! So please enjoy these other edit's that dropped if you haven't all ready seen them pasted on the book. Thanks to Jamie for one of them & Ben for the other Hit BackBone for a write up and some sweet flicks. 

hidden valley trails jam 2013 from sewerside bmx on Vimeo.

Trails Jam! from Ben Chambers on Vimeo.

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