Monday, September 17, 2012

More Classics from the HD.

You may have noticed a lack of shit being posted on here. There sure has been. I have been doing some shit and you can see the new logo picture up the top and a bit of a revamp of the site. I have been working on some fresh new T's and hats. I don't like saying shit and then not doing it, that's why I haven't posted shit, but could be some shit poppin' off sooner rather then later. Enjoy these photo's I got of Nate's HD a while ago. Some Mikey C rippin some shit and soldout antics.
Jed on the rail game. Popped this shit off in 2003?

Mikey snappin' t downs @ PR1MO ramps in US on the 18th at 6.28pm
Todd bike hops.. Little Devil shirt,FBM bash guard,Primo hemoriod seats, Hoffman Butcher frames.
Soldout Sucks Eat A Dickkkkkkk
Todd & Hammertime. Its cool to do burnouts in bush bash Mk2 escorts out the front of your house & hang on the roof

One too many woodstocks

Escort rallye

Mikey at his old joint.

Web cam sluts
Martian Rd. Lambo's set

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